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  1. Strato, inlike his teacher Aristotle , notes that no teleology- desired outcomes from Nauture, endorsing what we now call teleonomy- no desired outcomes. To posit as the supernaturalists do, one would contradict the latter such that we therefore find no divine input. One supernaturlist advocates the new Omphalos argument that God deceived us with that apparent teleonomy and patterns.
    Whilst Aristotle helped science in some manner, here along with some bad science, he struck the cause for the superstitious in their souped-up animism!
    Strato then would naturally proclaim the presumption of naturalism that not only are natural causes and explanatins necessary and efficient but also primary and sufficient: they are the primary cause themselves. Supernaturalists cannot pratt;e tjhat begs the question as that is the demand for evidence.Hume’s corollary is his comments on miracles.
    Thales of Miletus also endorses this.
    When we look around us we see natural forces at work. We discern no spirits in Nature, and we find none beyonnd her. Animists see all kinds of spirits whilst these supernaturalist see one, but ti’s all the same! Theologians just prattle in a higher manner of nonsense! In fact, supernaturalism and paranormalism are the twin superstitions Paul Kurtz, my friend, calls ;The Transcendental Temptation,” a must read book for serious inquirers.
    God helps us no more than a rabbit’s foot and is no more meaningful than a square circcle!
    However, this blog is not for just my thought but for others also with that serious inquiry.
    Are you with Strato and Thales or with Aristotle and Aquinas or of some other school of thought? Excogitatee!

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